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Friendly Reminder: Rules on Pets

Friendly Reminder: Pets

It has been brought to the attention of the Board that there have been recent issues with owners allowing their dogs to roam off leash. This has led to dogs urinating and defecating in the yards of other owners; causing damage to their lawns.

Per the Rules and Regulations, dogs are to remain on a leash at all times when in common areas. Also, owners are responsible for damage caused by their pets to the common area and to other lots. 

Please be respectful to the common area and more importantly other community members by cleaning up after your pets and on a leash when in common areas.

Front Lawn Compliance Reminder

Dear Carmel Mountain Ranch Homeowner:

This notice is directed only to those homeowners living within districts of CMR-RCA that are not regulated by a sub-association.

First off, thank you to those homeowners who have taken the necessary steps to once again make their front yard green and attractive; your co-operation is truly appreciated.


To those homeowners who still have areas of dead grass, weeds, old dying plants, exposed tree roots, irrigation lines, or dirt. We understand the former drought restrictions made it difficult to maintain your front lawns. However, now that the restrictions have been lifted we need homeowners to bring their yards back into compliance.  This could be seen as opportunity to update your landscaping to water-wise plants or approved artificial turf systems and management would be more than happy to assist any interested homeowner in the architectural process.

Attached are the landscaping guidelines and artificial turf guidelines for the Association.  Please review carefully!  If you are making a substantial change to your existing front yard landscape, you will need to submit an architectural application for MAC approval prior to commencing any renovation.  The architectural application may be found on the CMRRCA .org website on the Walters Management portal.  


Owners who refuse to water their lawns and replace dead turf by the end of August will be called to disciplinary hearings where penalties may be imposed.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance and co-operation in taking immediate steps to return your front yard to a green and attractive condition, which in turn will greatly enhance the appearance at CMR-RCA and increase property values.

Trespassing on the Golf Course

Trespassing on the Golf Course

The Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club is concerned about the rising number of

trespassers on their property. It appears that trespassers are primarily residents in the

Carmel Mountain community. Residents are most often seen taking walks on cart



There are several issues that arise from this sort of trespassing. First, it is not

safe for people to be walking on the golf course, as there are golfers hitting balls in

excess of 150mph. Secondly, due to the risk of possible injury to these trespassers,

golfers are forced to wait until the trespassers are gone until they can take their turns.

This, in turn, causes golfers to grow impatient and unsatisfied. The additional time

spent waiting also slows the golfer’s rate of play, causing the golf course to lose business

as less people are able to play the course. Finally, if a trespasser is injured on the

Country Club's property, legal action may be taken against the Club by the injured

party. The Country Club does not want to assume these risks.


Next, residents frequently walk their dogs on the course. This action assumes the

same consequences as the previous examples. Unfortunately, there are also owners

who unleash their dogs on the course, causing damage to many areas that are costly

to repair (especially the greens).


There are also MANY children and youth who illegally come to play in the golf

course sand bunkers, ride their bicycles, and play sports. A tremendous strain is

brought on the County Club financially as these sorts of activities tend to cause a great

amount of physical damage to their course and, in turn, create a huge eyesore for customers

who pay for pristine views and conditions.


Please be cognizant of the negative impact of trespassing on the Country Club

grounds. The CMR Community is lucky to have such a beautiful resource, but please

be respectful of the fact that it is private property. Your cooperation is certainly appreciated.

Architectural Approval from the Master Architectural Committee (MAC)


It is the intent of the Carmel Mountain Ranch – Residential Community Association to have architectural control of the dwellings within the association in order to maintain and enhance the appearance and value of the community.  A process is in place wherein a homeowner wishing to change the appearance of the exterior of their home or landscaping must first submit their proposed plans to the MAC.  The MAC can then approve the plans, approve them with conditions or disapprove them.  Please see Section 7.03 of the CC&R’s.

Please be reminded that anyhomeowner that begins or completes any work that would require the submittal of their plans to the MAC prior to submitting their plans may be called to a hearing before the Board of Directors.  The standard fine for this violation of procedure is two-hundred and fifty dollars, ($250.00) along with any related expenses incurred to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the MAC and Board of Directors.

Architectural applicataions can be found on the Carmel Mountain Ranch website under the Design and Review tab.  Select the link for MAC Application.  Once the application form is completed, please mail, fax or email to the Architectural Coordinator listed below.

Jennifer Castro
Walters Management
9665 Chesapeake Drive Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92123
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 858-495-0909

The MAC meets once a month on the second Tuesday of each month.   All applications are reviewed at that time.

Calling All Homeowners

boardAll regular session meetings of the Carmel Mountain Ranch-RCA Board are open meetings. Homeowners who wish to address the Board are welcome to do so during the homeowner forum conducted at the beginning of each business meeting.

Here are few tips for participating:

  1. Put it in writing. You will get the best response if you put your question or opinions in writing prior to the meeting. This isn’t mandatory, but it helps you and the Board. Some issues may require a little research by the manager. Also, the Board can serve you better if members have time to consider your concern.
  2. Call ahead. As a courtesy, let the manager know that you wish to address the Board. This also allows us to notify you if a meeting is cancelled for any reason.
  3. Plan your remarks to last no longer than five minutes. Board members enjoy visiting with residents; however, the meeting agenda is always very full, and the five-minute limit ensures that all business gets conducted. this does not mean big issues cannot be presented. If your concern requires more time, please summarize it in five minutes, and the board will add it to the agenda for the next meeting.
  4. Don’t expect an immediate response. Board members don’t act independently. All issues require discussion and sometimes a vote. Sometimes an immediate answer is possible, but it is just as likely that you will not get a response until after the meeting.
  5. If you need information, call the manager. The purpose of the Homeowner Forum is for residents to share opinions and concerns with the Board. Residents seeking general information (like a status report on a project or the Board’s position on an issue) can get a more immediate answer from the manager.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I need to submit a Master Architectural Committee (MAC) form?
A: Any time you make changes to exterior of home including building and landscaping. Many changes will also require additional permits from the city. Make sure that all approvals and permits are obtained before work begins.

Q: The golf course property is not being well maintained, what can I do?
A: The CMR Country Club is not a member of the CMR-RCA, therefore the Board can only make requests. If you have complaints, contact the CMR Country Club directly. If no corrections are made, you can contact Neighborhood Code Compliance or complain to the councilmember for the fifth district. You can copy the Board on communications so we know what is happening, but there is little we can do.

Q: I have made a complaint to the property manager and yet nothing is being done. What should I do?
A: First, check with the management company. The process gives people significant time to correct problems before the CMRRCA can start fining people. Second, attend a monthly meeting where the full board is present.

Q: There is a dog in the neighborhood that is barking all the time. What can I do?
A: We ask the homeowner to contact the owner of the dog to let them know there is a problem. Often the owner is not home, so is not aware of the dog barking. If the problem continues, a written complaint must be sent to the management company and they will send a letter to the owner of the lot whose dog is barking. You can contact the San Diego Mediation Center at (619) 238-2400. If mediation is not successful, you can file a complaint with City of San Diego Neighborhood Code Compliance at (619) 236-5500.

Q: How can I report animals running loose in my neighborhood?
A: Call the San Diego County Department of Animal Control 24-hour emergency number, (619) 236-2341, to report incidents involving animals that threaten public health and safety. For lost or found animals that do not pose an immediate threat, call (619) 236-4250 during normal business hours.

Q: There is a problem with the Street light, traffic light, traffic sign, sidewalk, storm drain, pothole, etc. Who do I call?
A: The items listed above are responsibility of the City of San Diego. You can request services online at http://www.sandiego.gov/street-div/ or call (619) 527-7500.


Maintain Your Front Yards



Carmel Mountain residents are reminded to maintain the appearance of the landscaping in their front yards. By keeping your landscaping neat and orderly, you will be enhancing your home, creating a landscape with a strong curb appeal and one that is in harmony with the neighborhood

The summer months require extra watering, mowing and pruning of landscaped areas. A well-maintained lawn can contribute to the overall curb appeal of your property. However, there is more to front yard landscape than simply cutting the grass and trimming. When your grass is dense and vigorous, it will compete effectively against most pests. In many cases, you can achieve and maintain attractive and healthy turf with sound fertilizing, mowing, aeration and weed practices.
Now is a good time to check your irrigation system.
Plant material which has become dried and lifeless should be removed.
Weed flower beds and replace dead plants and trees.
Make sure that you keep your sidewalk and pathway clean and well maintained. Remove weeds. If your sidewalk needs repair due to cracks or flaking, then you need to repair it so that it is safer and visually appealing.
Thank you for your efforts in maintaining the aesthetics of the community and maintaining property values.

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