Master Architectural Committee - New Information

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Master Architectural Committee - New Information

The Carmel Mountain Ranch (CMR) Master Architectural Committee (MAC) has been busy creating guidance and FAQs to assist our members with MAC related topics.

Landscaping Guidelines - The intent of these Guidelines is to ensure design continuity that will help preserve or improve the community’s appearance, protect property values, and enhance the overall environment of the Carmel Mountain Ranch (CMR) Community. These guidelines apply to traditional landscaping as well as water-conserving, drought-tolerant, and smart-scape landscaping schemes.  Click here to view Landscaping Guidelines

Artificial Turf Guidelines - Due to restrictions/reductions by various government entities on the use of water resources, there have been several requests from our homeowners for Master Architectural Committee (MAC) approval of the installation of artificial turf. Our desire is to give a variety of choices while limiting materials to the best, most natural looking. It is not in our members’ best interests to see their property values diminished due to the use of inferior materials. For this reason, we have done extensive research into the products and processes currently available and provide the following guidelines. Click here to view Artificial Turf Guidelines

FAQs - Several new most frequently asked questions commonly encounter. Click here to view FAQs.

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