Walden Fence Information


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Walden Fence Information

This information is directed only to those homeowners living within Walden Terrace.

To ensure the fair treatment of all CMRRCA members, the Board of Directors performed a thorough investigation into the maintenance responsibility of the walls and fences within Walden after several homeowners indicated a concern. The Board conferred with our property management and property maintenance agents and requested our legal counsel research and provide a legal opinion outlining the maintenance responsibility of the walls and fences within Walden.

Fence and wall maintenance was determined by the developer when the property was developed and not by the previous or current Board of Directors. The maintenance responsibility became binding when the annexation documents were filed by the developer with the County of San Diego back when the property was developed.

It has been determined that CMRRCA is only responsible for the maintenance of walls and fences where the developer annexed the maintenance of said walls or fences to CRMRCA. CMRRCA is NOT responsible for all wall or fence maintenance within CMR and never has been.

Based on the annexation documents, it has been determined that CMRRCA is responsible for the maintenance of the fences within Walden Terrace that are listed at the link below. Numerous fences that are the responsibility of CMRRCA were replaced 3 years ago and are not on the list. If an address is not on the list, then it was determined that CMRRCA is not responsible for the rear fence or wall on the lot based on the annexation documents filed by the developer.

Click here to view the fence list

Thank you for your patience while the Board sorted this very complex issue out. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Lee Leibenson at (858) 576-5557.

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