Trespassing on the Golf Course

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Trespassing on the Golf Course

Trespassing on the Golf Course

The Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club is concerned about the rising number of

trespassers on their property. It appears that trespassers are primarily residents in the

Carmel Mountain community. Residents are most often seen taking walks on cart



There are several issues that arise from this sort of trespassing. First, it is not

safe for people to be walking on the golf course, as there are golfers hitting balls in

excess of 150mph. Secondly, due to the risk of possible injury to these trespassers,

golfers are forced to wait until the trespassers are gone until they can take their turns.

This, in turn, causes golfers to grow impatient and unsatisfied. The additional time

spent waiting also slows the golfer’s rate of play, causing the golf course to lose business

as less people are able to play the course. Finally, if a trespasser is injured on the

Country Club's property, legal action may be taken against the Club by the injured

party. The Country Club does not want to assume these risks.


Next, residents frequently walk their dogs on the course. This action assumes the

same consequences as the previous examples. Unfortunately, there are also owners

who unleash their dogs on the course, causing damage to many areas that are costly

to repair (especially the greens).


There are also MANY children and youth who illegally come to play in the golf

course sand bunkers, ride their bicycles, and play sports. A tremendous strain is

brought on the County Club financially as these sorts of activities tend to cause a great

amount of physical damage to their course and, in turn, create a huge eyesore for customers

who pay for pristine views and conditions.


Please be cognizant of the negative impact of trespassing on the Country Club

grounds. The CMR Community is lucky to have such a beautiful resource, but please

be respectful of the fact that it is private property. Your cooperation is certainly appreciated.

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