5 Essential Summer Watering Tips


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5 Essential Summer Watering Tips

       5 Essential Summer Watering Tips for San Diego Homeowners


Dry weather and summer temperatures that reach the high 90’s bring the possibility of drought re-occurring.  To prevent over-watering this summer, we’ve compiled five essential summer watering tips to help keep your water usage in check, while ensuring that your garden continues to grow and flourish!

1.  Fertilize

Water isn’t the only substance necessary for your plants to grow strong and healthy.  Your soil’s makeup will greatly determine the outcome of your landscape.  Feeding your garden with well-fertilized soil provides the nutrients your bushes, trees and flowers need to grow full, strong, and healthy.

2. Water Only When Necessary

Landscapes thrive with less water than we think they need.  When drought restrictions only allowed for watering every other day of the week, lawns and gardens still continued to blossom.

With summer approaching, it’s wise to keep these regulations in mind (even when they’re lifted), as well as only watering in the morning hours.  This ensures that the water is truly absorbed into the soil and doesn’t evaporate in the scorching midday heat.  You can read additional watering tips in our fruit and vegetable gardening blog series.

3. Have Your Irrigation System Inspected

If you haven’t had your irrigation system inspected recently, there may be leaks or blockages that are likely wasting water and not giving your plants the hydration they need.  You can perform a routine inspection yourself, or have your landscape maintenance provider do a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is working properly.  Having your irrigation systems inspected and maintained regularly can prevent water waste and help you save on your water bill.

4. Install a Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation systems are specifically designed to only water where it is needed most – at the root of the plants.  This prevents over watering, over spray, and weed growth.  Irrigation systems work well in commercial and HOA settings, and can also be a great investment for residential landscapes.

Along with your new system, be sure to have an irrigation controller installed.  These controllers detect leaks and breaks, and measure water flow, along with collecting soil and weather data to ensure that issues can be corrected quickly and overwatering is not occurring.

5. Consider a Landscape Upgrade

If you’ve been looking to save money on your water bill, now would be the time to renovate your landscape.  California and San Diego rebates are still in effect if you want to remove your grass and replace it with either artificial turf or a more drought tolerant landscape.  You can learn more about California’s rebate program through the San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program.

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