Front Lawn Compliance Reminder

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Front Lawn Compliance Reminder

Dear Carmel Mountain Ranch Homeowner:

This notice is directed only to those homeowners living within districts of CMR-RCA that are not regulated by a sub-association.

First off, thank you to those homeowners who have taken the necessary steps to once again make their front yard green and attractive; your co-operation is truly appreciated.


To those homeowners who still have areas of dead grass, weeds, old dying plants, exposed tree roots, irrigation lines, or dirt. We understand the former drought restrictions made it difficult to maintain your front lawns. However, now that the restrictions have been lifted we need homeowners to bring their yards back into compliance.  This could be seen as opportunity to update your landscaping to water-wise plants or approved artificial turf systems and management would be more than happy to assist any interested homeowner in the architectural process.

Attached are the landscaping guidelines and artificial turf guidelines for the Association.  Please review carefully!  If you are making a substantial change to your existing front yard landscape, you will need to submit an architectural application for MAC approval prior to commencing any renovation.  The architectural application may be found on the CMRRCA .org website on the Walters Management portal.  


Owners who refuse to water their lawns and replace dead turf by the end of August will be called to disciplinary hearings where penalties may be imposed.


Thank you for your anticipated assistance and co-operation in taking immediate steps to return your front yard to a green and attractive condition, which in turn will greatly enhance the appearance at CMR-RCA and increase property values.

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